Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Summer Coaching Groups

The current block finishes this week on Friday 23rd March.

The new blocks will begin on Sunday 15th April and run for ten weeks until Friday 22nd June.

Registration and payment can be done at any time during the junior club championships with Ian or Matthew which will run from Sat 24th March until the following weekend , but If you cannot make it in person,please email stating child's name, DOB and what class the child attends. Ian will let you know about how to pay by BACs. Last resort would be to pay at the first session ,but please let us know by email to confirm a place. .
New Block Information and costs
The 7 am groups (invitation only) will begin on Wednesday 18th April
The Wednesday 5 pm Hillhead group will continue at HILLHEAD
The Thursday 5pm Hillhead group will continue at HILLHEAD

The 3 prices are for the 1st session, 2nd and 3rd sessions taken per child - so if a non member is taking 2 *1 hour lessons a week they would pay 65 + 55, a member doing 2 * 1 hour sessions would pay 55 + 45. Just drop an email if unsure.

Non Members 1 hour session £65 £55 £45
Member 1 hour sessions £55 £45 £35
Non Member 1.5 hour sessions £75 £65
Member 1.5 hour sessions £65 £55
Mornings (ie Wed 7am) £70

Junior Club Championships

The draws are on display at the club.

All queries until Monday 26th March to Ian on 07977 007 777 and thereafter to Matthew Paterson, the tournament referee. Email or call 07504 951048

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