Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Junior Club Champs Open for Entry!!!

New enquiries 


Please enter JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPS online ASAP. ONLINE CLOSING DATE IS 16th August at 10 am so PLEASE enter soon so we can smooth out any LTA problems before then. It is SO much easier for us if you can enter online.

The competition will run from Sunday 25th August to Saturday 31st August with all finals being played along Senior finals on Saturday 5th October.

We will run supervised matches on Sunday 25th all day and after school from Monday to Friday and all day on Saturday 31st August. Please write in the notes when you enter if there are restrictions to when you can play. We will aim to get all semi-finals played on Saturday 31st August.

Click here to enter.

Participants should restrict themselves to a maximum of 2 singles events. However everyone is welcome to enter the Under 14 doubles. If you are red, orange or green, the system will not accept your doubles entry so email an entry and Ill add in some mini qualifying rounds for the doubles i.e. the winning red doubles get into the orange draw. The winning orange doubles get into the green draw etc.

Juniors playing in the Senior Teams are encouraged to enter the Senior Club Champs. Please click here to enter.

New Blocks

The new blocks begin on Sunday 1st September.

See 'Coaching 2013' tab for more details.

Tournament for adults and Juniors who play in the Senior Teams

Click here for details of Fun tournament being run at club on Sunday 18th August. Non-members welcome

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