Thursday, 12 January 2012

New coaching groups and February Camp

Welcome back to Tennis!!

The new blocks will begin on Sunday 15th January and run for nine weeks.

Registration and payment can be done with Ian this Sunday or during the week with Ian or one of the coaches.
If you cannot make it in person, please email stating child's name, DOB and what class the child attends. Ian will let you know about how to pay by BACs.

New Block Information and costs

Scotstoun 7 am groups will begin on Wednesday 25th January and run for nine weeks (excluding Wednesday 15th February).
The Wednesday 5 pm Hillhead group will continue at HILLHEAD
The Thursday 5pm Hillhead group will continue at HILLHEAD
There will be no coaching from Sunday 12th February to Friday 19th February but a tennis camp will run this week. (Details below.)
The 3 prices are for the 1st session, 2nd and 3rd sessions taken per child - so if a non member is taking 2 *1 hour lessons a week they would pay 59+50, a member doing 2 sessions would pay 50 + 41)

Non Members 1 hour session £59 £50 £41
Member 1 hour sessions £50 £41 £32
Non Member 1.5 hour sessions £68 £59
Member 1.5 hour sessions £59 £50
Mornings (ie Wed am Scotstoun) £70
February Camp - bookings NOW OPEN

The camp will run Monday to Friday from 13th to 17th February 10 am to 1230 pm.

N.B. The camp will run from 10 to 3 pm if there are enough bookings for the FULL DAY sessions. Please let us know asap if you would like full day bookings.

The full day sessions are for those aged 8 years upwards but we will consider some 7 year olds (if they can handle sport all day) so just ask in the email if you want to enquire about that.

If you would like to reserve a place, then please email with the following details:

Name of child
Medical Conditions (if any)
Emergency phone number
Requirements eg mornings, full days, weekly etc.

We will endeavour to confirm your place within five days of receiving your email. If you do not hear by then, please re-send your request as sometimes they get lost in cyberspace...

Prices etc are detailed below.

Payment for camp is due on the first day of attendance. The costs for the camp are (member/ non-member):



Half Days - £50/£60
Full Days - £80/£95


Half Days - £11/£13
Full days - £20/£24

Activities at Camp

A typical day at camp for a 5 - 9 year old goes like this:

10 - arrive and meet in bar
10 - 1030 - warm ups and co-ordination exercises outside
1030 - 1120 - tennis session part one in ability groups
1120 - 1140 - break
1140 - 1230 - tennis session part two
1230 - depart

and for 10 - 14 year old

10 - arrive and meet in bar
10 - 1020 - warm ups
1020 - 1230 - more intense session than above with no break (drinks and snacks taken on court)
1230 - 1 pm lunch and rest
1 - 3 - afternoon activities which include tennis matches, tennis games, rounders, football, fitness and fun.

We will have pizza day on WEDNESDAY at Feb camp because some of the kids can only come Mon to Wed. ALL children are welcome to stay for pizza including the morning children. They need to let the coach know in the morning when they arrive and hand in £3.50 for this. If morning children are staying for pizza, they can be collected at 1 pm instead of 1230 pm. We normally have a water fight on Friday afternoons but this will be at the discrepancy of the coach that week and if there is a PM session! Change of clothes compulsory for the water fight.

Every Wednesday we have a themed day called WACKY WEDNESDAY. Wacky Wednesday for the February is Aussie Open Wednesday. Dress up as something Australian or upside down or inside out or as the winners of the Australian Op

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